Want to make Bengali the official language of the United Nations: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahamud said, there are more than 35 crore Bengali speaking people in the world. So it is one of the most common languages ​​in the world. For this reason, we want to establish Bengali as the official language of the United Nations.

He said this after paying tribute to language martyrs at Central Shahid Minar on Martyrs Day and International Mother Language Day on Wednesday.

The foreign minister said that the recognition of Bengali as an international language is a huge achievement for a nation in the international arena. Today our dream is to convert Bengali into the official language of the United Nations.

Dr. Hashan Mahmud also said that Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman decided to celebrate 21st February as protest day while sitting in jail. After that, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in the context of sending a proposal to the United Nations, February 21 has been declared as International Mother Language Day