The body of a foreigner was recovered from a hotel in Chittagong

The police recovered the bloody body of a Polish citizen in a room of the elite Peninsula Residential Hotel in Chittagong.

There are marks of injuries in different parts of the body. The initial assumption of the police is that someone has killed him and trapped him in the hotel.

On Monday (March 4) at noon, the body of this foreigner was recovered from the hotel called ‘The Peninsula Chittagong’ located at the GEC intersection of Chawkbazar police station in the city.

Meanwhile, forensic team of PBI and CID visited the spot. They entered the hotel room and collected various evidences from inside the hotel.

CCTV footage has also been collected. His name is recorded in the hotel documents as Jdzisło Misel Czariba. Age written 58 years. His workplace is mentioned at Canpark Garments in the city’s CEPZ.

The police initially thought it was a murder after seeing the marks of injuries on the body. CMP Deputy Police Commissioner Mostafizur Rahman said that the body was recovered from the hotel after the police received information at noon. Information obtained from the registrar shows that he is a citizen of Poland.

He was in room number 905 on the ninth floor of the hotel. There his body was found on the bed. He was working as a quality controller in the Dhaka office of a buying house.

Since 2018, he has come to Chittagong several times as a representative of that buying house. He went on holiday to Poland in December last year.

Last February 24, he came to Chittagong on a direct Fly Dubai flight and boarded at the Peninsula Hotel. He came to visit Canpark Garments in CEPZ.

According to CMP sources, foreigners including tourists from different countries stay in the hotel at GEC intersection.

At around 12:30 PM from the hotel, the Chawkbazar police station was informed that a person in room 905 was not responding.

After receiving the information, the police went to the hotel. After opening the door of room number 905, he was found dead on one side of the bed.

A person used to communicate regularly on behalf of the buying house. He has not reached her on the phone since this morning (Monday). Later informed the hotel authorities about not getting him.

The hotel staff came in front of the room and called him. But got no response. Later they informed the police and the police recovered the body and sent it to Chittagong Medical College Hospital morgue.

According to the police, the body has injury marks in various places. He has an injury on the back of his head. His body was also bloody. Inside the room, the things he used were random.

CCTV footage is being collected and verified. Then the motive of the murder may come out. .