The Army-civil administration wants to work together Tariq Ahmed Siddique

The Prime Minister’s Security Adviser, Major General (retd.) Tariq Ahmed Siddique, said, “Army and civil administration want to work together.” Now the relationship between these two administrations is good.

As a result, the last election was very fair. They are also playing a role in stopping the loss of life at the border.

He said these things in response to questions from reporters after the first session of the DC Conference at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister’s security adviser said, “The DCs have proposed to increase the use of army helicopters. Global reasons have reduced the use of helicopters.

If necessary, there is a provision that army helicopters can be used by officials in accordance with the rules.

Three said, “The civil military is working together on the Myanmar border. The DCs of the three districts have asked for more assistance in the Myanmar situation.

This adviser to the Prime Minister said, “DCs said, ‘They come from the neighboring country and take our hilsa.’ They asked to take measures to stop this.

Tariq Ahmed Siddique said, “Due to the fire in the sugar warehouse, the DCs have been called upon by the army to ensure that the price of sugar does not increase in the market.”

He said, ‘Smuggling must be stopped. Incidents happen at the border, not killings. The Rohingya crisis, drug trafficking, and Myanmar situation were also discussed with the DCs. We believe that external forces are going to be involved at the border.

But Bangladesh will not turn a blind eye to them. Armed forces training is always ready to face any situation.

Tariq Ahmed Siddique also said, ‘We are working to keep the peace of our people and the Rohingyas in order. The Army is ready to face any situation. Not just the border or Myanmar; we are fully prepared there.

The instructions given by the Prime Minister are human. The Army is always prepared with professionalism. The civil administration and the army administration will work together in the crisis in the country.

He said, ‘Civil-military relations have been discussed. A number of suggestions have been made. The focus is on how we can bring the two wings closer together.

Tariq Ahmed Siddique said, ‘The situation is good after the vote. There are various indirect effects on the economy due to fire.

Whether or not the fire was sabotage cannot be ruled out. Although during the dry season, Should check. It has been asked to be vigilant so that the fire does not happen again. Because prevention is better than cure.

He also said, ‘Law and order situations are good. Everyone is working together.