Smart Bangladesh will be established by ensuring uninterrupted telecom services

BTRC Chairman Engineer Md. Mohiuddin Ahmed said that Smart Bangladesh will be established by ensuring uninterrupted telecom services.
He made this comment in an exchange meeting with journalists at the conference center of BTRC building in Agargaon on Monday (February 19).
Engineer Mohiuddin Ahmed said, Bangladesh is keeping pace with the world. Advances in technology. We must move forward with the world. So those who rely on technology to advance are a family. We are all moving towards a goal. Our paths are inseparable.
He said that after two amendments, BTRC is being run with distinction from the ‘company’ as a commission, without being ‘independent’ of the Ministry and not being open about the law.
Emphasizing on the speed of receiving information, BTRC Chairman said, BTRC will provide information to journalists at the earliest. He promised to brief the media workers on the issue after drafting the new policy before implementing it.
He also said that journalists will be our partner in building Smart Bangladesh. Besides, despite the popularity of negative news, he urged to present the news with consideration for the country and people.
Engineer Mohiuddin Ahmed said, I want your advice about our mistakes. We will also strive to inform about the latest technology and highlight the professionalism.

Kazi Mustafizur Rahman, director general of BTRC, said in the exchange of views, the current level of radiation from the mobile tower is not harmful to the human body. Many are not allowing the tower to be installed due to various concerns. BTRC has that list. Action is being taken.

During the question and answer session, BTRC Director General (Systems and Services) Brigadier General Mohammad Khalil-ur-Rahman said that BTRC is putting the most emphasis on banning betting sides, betting apps and porn sites. BTRC is in constant communication with Facebook. Actions are being taken on the basis of complaints to prevent incitement and rumours. Besides, operators have reduced the prices of all popular packages. In the meantime, as there is an opportunity to reduce the cost of cash servers and bandwidth, the cost of mobile phones will be reduced again in the future. We report on the demands of law enforcement and the public to stop provocative content to ensure a safer internet. But the international community guidelines are not 100% successful in this regard.

Director General of BTRC Brigadier General Mohammad Moniruzzaman said that two operators have asked for 10 MHz from 850 MHz bandwidth, 5 MHz bandwidth from EGSM and 850 bandwidth. A committee has been formed for this. POC will be issued soon. As per the recommendations of the operators, the vendors will be decided on what is best for the country under the Mtube banner. According to GSM and ITU data, a country needs 2000 MHz of bandwidth. So we have enough bandwidth resources.
Director General of BTRC, Brigadier General Kazi Mustafizur Rahman said, if the number of towers cannot be increased, it is not possible to maintain call drop or quality of service. So we are trying our best to increase the number of towers.

Commissioner Sheikh Riaz Ahmed, Aminul Haque, Mushfiq Mannan Chowdhury, Director General Abdullah Al Mamun, Ashish Kumar Kund, Brigadier General Kazi Mustafizur Rahman, Brigadier General Moniruzzaman, Brigadier General Khalilur Rahman were present under the supervision of BTRC Secretary Nurul Hafeez.