Prime Minister’s determination to walk with his head held high in the world court

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her determination to walk with dignity in the world court. He said these things while addressing the Chief Guest at the Ekushey Medal awarding ceremony at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Tuesday (February 20).

The Prime Minister said, 21 has taught us not to bow down. We will walk with our heads held high. I will walk with dignity in the world. We will build a developed and prosperous Bangladesh.

He said, on February 21 mother tongue is recognized internationally. The world celebrates International Language Day. We have established an institute for the preservation and research of the lost mother tongues of different countries of the world. Today we are happy, proud to award Ekushey Padak to some for their contribution in various fields. There are many more meritorious people in the society. It is not possible to give all together. However, it is the responsibility of the upper class of the society to find these tyagi people.

The Prime Minister said that the father of the nation started a struggle for the right of the mother tongue, and our independence is winding his way. Unfortunately, efforts have been made to erase the contribution of the Father of the Nation in the language movement. We have brought out books on the intelligence reports of that time. In those intelligence reports, Bangabandhu’s contribution to the language movement has emerged. Many say he was in jail. Why was he actually in jail? It is because he has built a movement.