Prime Minister orders not to harass consumers

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said we must always keep an eye on the market situation. There are some traders who want to steal the profit by increasing the price by stocking the goods during the month of Ramadan.

We have to pay special attention to that. He said that attention should be paid to consumers so that they do not have to be harassed like this. We need to increase the production of products in our country. Dependency should be reduced.

He said this at the inaugural function of ‘District Administrators Conference 2024’ from Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday (March 3).

The Prime Minister said that the current war between Russia and Ukraine and the COVID epidemic have affected the world economy. There are many countries in the world where inflation is at 40 percent. Bangladesh is not far from it, although inflation in Bangladesh is still below 10 percent. But it still remains a problem.

He said this is the first time we have created the law and formed the Election Commission through it. The Election Commission conducted the election very efficiently. At the same time, according to the directives of the commission, the district administrators performed their duties properly and made the election successful. As many elections as I have seen since 1975, having participated in many elections, I have seen how people’s right to vote has been tampered with. But this year’s election is the most fair, free, and impartial election that has been held.

The Prime Minister said that many actually did not want the election. Many people wanted the unelected abnormal situation to be created again in the country. The people of this country have suffered for 21 years since August 15, 1975, and again from 2001 to 2008. Let that situation come again. They may not like the election. Because the election did not go their way. But the common people in the elections were the most interested in women and young voters at the village level. All credit goes to you for them being able to participate in the elections properly.