New Electricity rates are effective from February; notification is likely toda.

The price of electricity at the consumer level will increase from 34 paisa to a maximum rate of 70 paisa. State Minister for Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid has commented that the new price of electricity will be effective in February.

The state minister said these things while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Thursday (February 29). He said that now the average production cost of electricity is 12 taka, and it is being sold at 7 taka.
43 thousand crores of subsidies on electricity this year. Adjustments will be made gradually over several years. Electricity prices for low-usage customers will increase less and more on the upside.

The state minister said, “The biggest problem has been due to the increase in the price of the dollar.

Although the international market price of oil, gas, and coal remains the same, it is costing more than 40 rupees per dollar. This is where the huge gap is created. Working to coordinate with the dollar.

He said, “The price of fuel oil is going to be based on modern pricing.

Indexes and formulas are adjusted monthly for international markets, with neighboring countries adjusting daily. If there is an excess, the government helps in other ways.

Nasrul Hamid also said, “The price of electricity is not being increased; it is being adjusted.” Some adjustments are being made due to losses due to selling at a price lower than the cost of production. We want to increase the cost, but the price will increase very little.

Life Line customers (users up to 75 units) may have monthly bills as high as Rs. 20. If customers are a little more frugal, the bill will remain the same. Our aim is to encourage consumers to be frugal.