First batch of Indian technicians arrived in Maldives

Indian troops have been asked to leave Maldives ‘land’ by the government of that country. Even so, time has been fixed for it.

The Indian government has also started withdrawing troops from the Maldives. But even if the army is withdrawn, the country’s foreign ministry said that “qualified Indian technicians” will be deployed there. News of Anandabazar.

The first batch of technicians has already flown from India to the Maldives. A few more technicians will be sent to the Maldives in a phased manner.

The Maldives government has confirmed the arrival of a team of Indian technicians. According to media reports, technicians will be in charge of looking after two Indian helicopters and one plane in the Maldives. After their first team went to the Maldives, the army started to explain the responsibility of ‘Indian property’.

“An Indian helicopter will be returned for repairs,” the Maldives Defense Ministry said in a statement.

After coming to power, the Muijju government made an official request to remove the army from the Maldives. Days earlier, a statement claimed that India had agreed to take action within their allotted days. The Center held a meeting with the top officials of the Maldivian administration in New Delhi on February 2. It was the second summit meeting between the two countries.

After the second meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives announced in a statement that India will withdraw troops from one of the three airfields in the Maldives by March 10. India will withdraw the army from the remaining two places by May 10. In the statement, the Muijju government also claimed that India had agreed with them on this matter. However, India’s Ministry of External Affairs has said in a statement that India is trying to find a mutual solution to maintain air traffic conditions in the Maldives. So that New Delhi can provide humanitarian aid and medicines to the people of the Maldives.

At the end of that meeting, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, “Those who are now in the Maldives, qualified Indian technicians will be sent to replace them.” And so the work began.