Gunshots at the Teknaf Shahparidwip-Saint Martin border

This time, gunshots were heard in Shahparir Dwip and St. Martin on the border of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar.

However, since the Myanmar border is far from these areas, there is no danger for the people on the other side, the locals said.

Former UP member Habib Khan, a resident of Saint Martin Island, said that from  the sound of gunfire was heard intermittently on the Myanmar border. Sometimes there is a very loud sound of gunshots.

Nur Mohammad, a resident of Saint Martin, said that the distance between Myanmar and Saint Martin is about 20 kilometers. Gunshots are heard in the distance. Two loud bangs were heard this morning. However, after 8 am, no more gunshots were heard.

Golam Kabir, a resident of Shahparirdwip, said that he woke up in the morning with the sound of gunshots. Over there in Maungdu, Myanmar, helicopters were also seen flying this morning. However, he said that no bullet fell.