Gender equality is an essential prerequisite for a strong democracy: Speaker

Speaker Dr. Shireen Sharmin Chowdhury said gender equality is an important means to achieve the larger goals of equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Gender equality is an essential prerequisite for a strong democracy.

In a press release received in Dhaka on Thursday, it was informed that the speaker said these things at the conference titled “Women Speakers Summit” organized by the National Assembly in Paris, France.

Earlier, a meeting of 25 women speakers from around the world was held with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said that the constitution of Bangladesh has ensured equal rights of men and women in all areas of state and public life. There are 50 reserved seats for women in the National Parliament and women can also become MPs through direct election.

He said, instead of 33 percent of women in political parties, there are currently 22 to 24 percent. In order to increase the participation of women through direct elections, political parties should nominate more women. Appropriate laws and policies must be adopted in this regard.

The speaker said that gender sensitive budgeting is very important in empowering women. Financial and logistic support as well as market access should be ensured for women entrepreneurs.

He said that education and training in technology should be ensured for women to get used to the ICT sector.

Women speakers from 25 countries including France, Mexico, Madagascar, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Africa, Kiribati, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Bahamas, Malawi, Mozambique participated in the summit