Faraz Karim Chowdhury is finally getting married

Faraz Karim Chowdhury is a well-known name on social media. The news of his marriage has gone viral on social media for some time now. Chaur is going to sit on the marriage mat. A lot of interest has been created among his fans. But all the speculations came true. Finally, this extremely popular young man is going to get married.

It is known that tomorrow, February 23 (every Friday) in a mosque of Gulshan-1, Aqd will be held in a simple manner according to Islamic customs and Shariah.

Although the Arabic word aqd means bond. Only when this is done, the marriage gets religious recognition. Apart from the family members of Akde Faraz Karim Chowdhury, prominent scholars are said to be present.

Faraz Karim Chowdhury’s family sources confirmed the matter.

The information says that Faraz Karim Chowdhury’s father, A.B., was born in Raujan, Chittagong in 1992M. Fazle Karim Chowdhury MP is serving as a member of parliament for 5 consecutive times and president of the parliamentary standing committee related to the Ministry of Railways. Who is known as the father of modern rouzan.

His son Faraz stood beside people in danger from his childhood and awakened the young generation of the country. There is no end to the curiosity of the countrymen around him.

Previously, Faraz Karim Chowdhury had announced in various media about the marriage that he would simply complete the Islamic marriage process through the Shariah-based contract in the mosque.

Along with this, there is a plan to organize a wedding reception for people from all walks of life on March 1 (Friday) at the Gahirastha Bari of Raujan in Chittagong.

It is known that Faraz Karim Chowdhury is going to marry a girl from a common (educated) family in Rangpur