Death due to medical negligence not exempt: Health Department

The Department of Health has warned that the responsible hospital will not be exempted if a patient dies due to medical negligence.

Director of the Department (Hospitals and Clinics) Dr. while visiting the JS Diagnostic and Medical Checkup Center at Malibagh in the capital on Wednesday in the case of the death of a child during circumcision. Abu Hossain Md. Moinul Ahsan.

He said, we have received all the information of this hospital. We are monitoring them. As far as I could find, the company had no authorization to run a hospital. However, they are authorized to conduct diagnostic activities. So if they give anesthesia to a patient, it is wrong. And we are taking departmental action as per law against the person who did the operation.

Dr. Moinul Ahsan said, we are aware that a patient died while undergoing endoscopy at LabAid Hospital last Monday night. A high-level team led by the Deputy Director of the Health Department visited LabAid yesterday. The Ministry of Health and the Department of Health have taken the LabAid incident seriously. We have collected all the data. At the same time, I have asked them for more information.

He also said that in view of the incident that happened in the United Hospital earlier, we have closed the United Medical College Hospital. The case is ongoing. If a patient dies while receiving treatment and there is any negligence on the part of the hospital authorities and doctors, then the case will be prosecuted as per the existing law.

We have closed 1 thousand 27 clinics across the country in the last few days in view of child deaths at United Medical College Hospital. This official of the Department of Health also said that if the doctor is negligent in the death of a patient in any hospital, action will be taken.

Dr. Moinul Ahsan said that the hospital authorities and doctors will be prosecuted through legal proceedings. In this case, not only a small hospital, LabAid or United Hospital will not be exempted if such allegations are found