Bangladesh Air Force and Pacific Air Force, US conduct container drop exercise during Exercise Cope South-2024

The 10 (ten) day long joint exercise titled Exercise Cope South-2024 organized by Bangladesh Air Force has started on Monday, February 19, 2024 at

Bangladesh Air Force Base Bangabandhu. This joint exercise with the participation of the US Pacific Air Force will enhance the operational efficiency of the armed forces including the Bangladesh Air Force. The exercise will play an instrumental role in increasing the efficiency of landing of combatants and delivery of relief/rescue materials to the battlefield during times of war/emergency through mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between the two countries.

The United States Pacific Air Force has been conducting various training exercises to deal with natural disasters every year in different countries around the world. Being a coastal and riverine country, Bangladesh is exposed to various natural disasters every year due to climate change. In most cases, during such disasters, relief/rescue materials need to reach the disaster areas as soon as possible. At that time, transport planes of Bangladesh Air Force were used to distribute relief goods to disaster affected areas.

Exercise Cope South-2024 is planned to deal with emergencies and natural calamities as well as to ensure maximum utilization of Bangladesh Air Force transport aircraft during wartime and peacetime. As part of this, on Sunday 25th February 2024, a Container Drop (CDS) exercise was completed near Sylhet Cantonment by 2 C-130J aircraft of Pacific Air Force and Bangladesh Air Force. The exercise will greatly enhance the Bangladesh Air Force’s ability to safely reach the disaster areas by air in large quantities of relief/rescue materials at the earliest. Exercise Cope South-2024, which is being held with the participation of both the countries, will play an important role in increasing the disaster response capability of the armed forces of both the countries as well as increasing mutual understanding and cooperation