What Super Tuesday and Republican Primary Voting A

Super Tuesday is one of the most important days in the US presidential election. On this day, March 5, representatives of 15 US states and territories will choose their presidential candidates. Tuesday’s polls will determine whether Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee after defeating Nikki Haley in the upcoming election.

On the other hand, as there is no rival, the candidate of the Democrat camp, however, has confirmed the nomination of Joe Biden.

Therefore, if Donald Trump is nominated as the candidate of the Republican Party, he will face current President Joe Biden in the election later this year.

Which are the two main political parties?
Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is currently in power in the White House, and the opposition is the Republicans. Democrats are a little more socially liberal and in favor of investing large amounts of government money. Republicans, on the other hand, are a little more socially conservative and generally talk about spending less government money and taking America back to the old days.

How long does it take to nominate Republicans?
Candidates tend to announce their candidacy at least a year before the start of the presidential election.

Since winning the 2016 presidential election, Trump has established himself as the top leader of the Republican Party. However, he lost to Democrat Biden in 2020.

Republicans must find a candidate for the next presidential election in 2024, a process called primaries.

What are primaries?
The primaries are the state elections, one after the other, followed by the national convention.

Each state has a vote to decide who they want as their candidate. The winner is declared the candidate at the Republican National Convention (RNC), which will be held in July.

How is the primary election?
A state can select its candidate of choice in two different ways. Almost all states, like national elections, hold primaries by secret ballot.

However, in a few states, caucuses are held, where all workers come together to decide by a vote of their heads or a show of hands.

Each state has different laws about who can vote. Usually, only members of the Republican Party get the chance.

Each candidate is given a certain number of delegates to represent them at the national convention in July, depending on how many votes they win.

When does voting begin?
Voting begins in January with the Iowa caucuses. The New Hampshire primary was held soon after.

In addition to Super Tuesday, the South Carolina primary and Michigan primary will be held in March. In addition, there are caucuses in Nevada and the Virgin Islands.

What is Super Tuesday?
Super Tuesday, March 5, is the most important day for voting. Republican Party elections were held simultaneously in 15 states, including the most populous California and Texas. Apart from this, voting will also be held in American Samoa, which is controlled by the United States, on this day.

Out of a total of 2,429 delegates, 874 delegates were elected on this day. Therefore, it is believed that whoever wins on Super Tuesday is the one who advances in the presidential nomination.

But in the meantime, Donald Trump is far ahead with 122 delegates against Nikki Haley’s 24 delegates. Now, Haley’s chances of getting a nomination remain largely on paper.

However, if he does not withdraw the nomination, the voting will continue until next June.

Is Trump going to win the Republican primary?
Donald Trump is the likely winner so far. He has won all six primaries held so far. But according to the poll, he failed to hold a 20-point lead in New Hampshire.

Trump’s each victory is actually moving the United States towards another battle between the former president and the current president, Joe Biden.

Trump will have a very busy time in the next few months. While preparing for the White House, he also has to fight several charges against him in court, including an attempt to overturn the election results in 2020.