Unmarried people will get pension

In West Bengal, India, the rules regarding family pension have been amended. As per the new rules, unmarried, widowed, and divorced women will get a ‘family pension’. But there are some conditions.

According to a Hindustan Times report, unmarried and widowed girls will get a lifetime ‘family pension’. The same opportunity will be given to those girls who have been divorced, announced the Higher Education Department of West Bengal.

This step has been taken by amending the rules that were there earlier. However, all unmarried, widowed, and divorced girls will not be considered eligible for ‘Family Pension’. The higher education department has made it clear who will get it.

Unmarried, widowed, and divorced women who have crossed the age of 25 can get a family pension for life. In that case, their marital relationship should remain the same throughout their lives. That is, for those who are unmarried, if they remain unmarried throughout their lives, then they will get a family pension for life.

Until now, the husband or wife and unmarried girls used to get ‘family pension’. Unmarried girls had to be below 25 years of age. Unmarried, widowed, and divorced girls face problems if there is no other source of income in that situation. They had to spend their days in extreme financial hardship.

State government officials say the new rules will save them from financial hardship. And the announcement was made by the Higher Education Department after receiving the green signal from the State Finance Department. Daughters of pensioners from state government-run universities applied. In their application, the Finance Department has approved the payment of ‘Family Pension’ for life to unmarried, widowed, and divorced girls conditionally.