Turkey’s fifth generation warplane “Kan” flew in the sky

Kan’, which means king of kings in Turkish. This fifth-generation fighter jet of Turkey officially took off from an airfield in Ankara on Wednesday (February 21). Defense news.

The successful test flight of this fighter jet took place last year. However, after further system upgrades, the fighter jet made its first official flight. Rehearsed for quite some time.

The 69-foot-long fighter jet is capable of flying several times the speed of sound. This two-engine aircraft can fly at a speed of 2 thousand 2 kilometers per hour. Stealth This aircraft can easily evade radar.

Its armament capacity is also impressive. It is capable of firing air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. Can carry various types of guided bombs. The warplane ‘Kan’ can also throw laser-controlled or bunker-busting bombs.

Ankara has long wanted to get the fifth-generation American stealth F-35. For this purpose, the country signed an agreement with the United States four years ago. They also invest huge amount. However, the purchase of ‘S-400’ air defense system from Russia creates uncertainty.

To meet that demand, Turkey has emphasized on developing 5th generation warplanes with its own technology. In addition to the United States, China and Russia have such warplanes