Palestian Umrah pilgrims are allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia for 6 months

Many Palestinians who came to perform Umrah Hajj in Saudi Arabia are stuck due to Israel’s attack on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. You can’t go back to your country even if you want to. The Saudi government has allowed them to live in Saudi Arabia for up to six months as it is risky to return to the country in such a situation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine expressed its gratitude for the decision of Saudi Arabia regarding the trapped Palestinians. This information was reported by Gulf News.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine said in a statement that many Umrah pilgrims from the southern province of Gaza were stuck in Saudi Arabia and faced various problems due to the Israeli aggression. Later, the Saudi government decided to allow them to stay in the country for up to six months. Moreover, temporary relief will be given to the victims until they return safely to their home countries.

It should be noted that since October 7 of last year, Israel has been carrying out terrible massacres in Gaza. 29 thousand 782 Palestinians lost their lives and 68 thousand 552 were injured in this attack in the last 145 days. Most of them are women and children. On the other hand, 1,200 Israelis died in this war. The Holy Hajj will be held on June 16 subject to sighting of the moon