Naeem-Nadia’s love family

Life without love is dull. It is said that love comes in everyone’s life. Stars are not out of it like common people. Even though the love, marriage and family of the showbiz stars are said to be hectic, many of them are living a happy life. Similarly, a star couple is Nadia Ahmed and FS Naeem. They have passed 8 years of married life with love. This star couple has faced the light of time on the occasion of World Valentine’s Day.
Naeem-Nadia. Like their names, they are similar in their careers. Both are known for acting. But Nadia is also famous as a dancer. Along with their career, they are enjoying their married life. Even after many years of marriage, they were not seen together on the screen. This time the two came as a surprise on Valentine’s Day. A seven-episode special program ‘Randhuni Sarvath Kitchen’ with stars is running on Machranga Television. It is presented by Naeem-Nadia. About the program, Nadia said, ‘This Valentine’s Day program has been arranged with 7 caps of showbiz.
Even with cooking, the audience will find something new. Besides cooking, there are some other surprises like chat, games. This is a surprise for me and Naeem too. Because this is the first time we are presenting any TV show. Although earlier, after marriage, both of us became models in the advertisement of a hotel in Cox’s Bazar. In fact we have always avoided working together. I want both of them to work together, but it will be quality, best work.’ Following Nadia’s words, Naeem said, ‘We acted in only one play after marriage. There are a couple of things that can be done to win the audience’s heart. I think it is. I am getting great response from the audience from this show. Through this program we are able to connect with every family. Because cooking is not only about eating, but also about love. If there is love for cooking, it is delicious.’
As a result of this show of love, it was asked which of the two of them offered to love whom first? Nadia said, ‘The matter has become old now. I have passed many years of family life. In fact we have not proposed to anyone that way. We got married as a family after liking each other.’ Naeem said, ‘Actually, our love started after marriage. Love grows deeper with time. Alhamdulillah we are both very well. We are very happy.’

When asked about the definition of love, Nadia said, ‘For me, love means understanding each other. Compassion, responsibility, respect, caring, helpfulness between two people is love in one word.’ But Naeem says otherwise. He said, ‘Actually, there is no specific definition. Everyone defines it differently. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words or in words. Like a mother can never express how much she loves her child. But love is deep.’
When asked how to spend Valentine’s Day today, Naeem said, ‘I think there is no specific date for Valentine’s Day. Love every day. Even so, we have plans to go out together on this day.’
Nadia said, ‘Actually, not only Valentine’s Day, but all special days of the year we spend our own way. Both of us do not shoot on this day. Keep the day completely free. Even if I have a dance event for special reasons, Naeem goes with me.’ Naeem said about what gifts to give each other on special days, ‘material gifts are always done. But you should give time to the people you love.’ It is clear from Naeem’s words that he will give his wife the whole day.
Do you think Naeem will give a gift on Valentine’s Day? The actress said, ‘I like flowers very much. Besides that, there is something else on Valentine’s Day.’

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