British troops not ready for war with Russia’

The British Armed Forces are not prepared for a possible conflict with a major adversary like Russia. Deputy Chief of the UK Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Robert Magwan, told the British Parliamentary Defense Committee last Tuesday.
The reason for this, says Magwan, is that the armed forces are short of ammunition to sustain a prolonged conflict. However, the general admitted that the government spends a significant amount on ammunition. At the same time, pointing to Russia, he also said that this is not enough given the threat that the UK is facing.

However, the country’s defense minister, Grant Chapps, thinks there is nothing to worry about. Because the UK does not have to face Russia alone. Of course, allies will be there. “It is important to understand that we are in NATO,” he said. We will never fall into such a situation (of an ammunition shortage).

But the real picture is somewhat different from Grant’s thinking. In the meantime, they have given almost all the weapons in the storage of several Eastern European countries to Ukraine. Poland, a staunch supporter of Kiev, is itself short of ammunition.

Another report published this month by the Turkish news agency Anadolu said the German armed forces are facing a major shortage of ammunition and military equipment. The country’s parliamentary commissioner for the military, Eva Högl, said that despite increasing the defense budget, the situation has not improved much.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed this, the Kremlin does not want a conflict with any of the NATO countries in Eastern Europe. Putin said during a visit to the Torzhok air base in Russia’s Tvar region on Wednesday, “Western officials are asking for additional support for Ukraine, and Russia will not stop even after the defeat of Kiev.” This is utter nonsense. This is a strategy to grab money by scaring the people of your own country. Eastern European countries have no reason to fear.’ Russia Today