Boat capsizes in Senegal: 20 migrants dead

More than 20 migrants have died after a boat capsized in Senegal. About 300 people were on board the boat, and many are still missing after the boat capsized. Reuters reported this information in a report on Friday (March 1).

According to the report, rescue workers recovered more than 20 bodies from the sea in the northern part of the country on Wednesday local time after a Europe-bound boat carrying migrants sank. Several people are still missing in the boat sinking incident. There is no trace of them.

More than 20 bodies have been recovered, said Aliun Badara Samb, regional governor of St. Louis. Besides, 20 more people were rescued alive. He said that several bodies have been found floating in the sea since this evening. Local rescuers and navy personnel are searching for survivors.

Senegal’s shores are becoming popular with African migrants on their way to the Spanish Canary Islands. As a result, the pressure on aspirants to take this route is increasing.

According to the EU border agency Frontex, Senegalese and Moroccan nationals are the most frequent migrants arriving in the Atlantic Islands.

The Spanish government said the number of migrants expected to arrive in the Canaries in 2023 was around 40,000, a threefold increase.