Bill Gates himself buys tea from a tea stall standing on the street

Who is this ‘Dolly Chaiwala’, whose tea became a fan of Bill Gates? The founder of Microsoft and the name of Bill Gates is the first in the list of the world’s richest people. He drank tea prepared by a roadside chaiwala and raved about it. He also posted that video on his social media Insta. Which went viral overnight.

It is surprising to hear but it is true. What is so special about the tea seller that Bill Gates had to rush to eat the tea? In the viral video, Bill Gates is seen buying tea from a tea vendor in Nagpur. He is heard saying ‘a cup of tea please’. The tea vendor then served hot tea to Bill Gates in his style. Bill Gates is seen sipping the hot tea with great enjoyment.
The tea seller Bill Gates buys tea from is called ‘Dolly Chaiwala’. She is often viral on social media due to her unique style. Dolly sells tea in Nagpur Sadar area. He has studied till class 10th. He ran a tea shop in Civil Line area of ​​Nagpur for about 16 years. Dolly Chawala served tea in the style of South superstar Rajinikanth.

Dolly’s outfit is quite different. His dressing style is very different from common people. She is also in discussion on social media for her unique hair style. Bill Gates captioned the social media post that you can find innovation everywhere in India. Even in the method of making tea