Accused of supporting Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

Former party chairman Baroness sayeeda Warsi has made explosive comments amid a row between senior leaders over Islamophobia within the Conservative Party in the UK. “Islamophobia is openly supported within the party,” he said.

After the comment given on social media X, there was a storm of criticism in the United Kingdom. News of Arab News.

According to the report, former president Baroness Warsi criticized the group’s deputy chairman Lee Anderson for his comments on Friday.

Lee Anderson said, ‘I don’t actually believe the Islamists have taken control of our country, rather they’ve taken control of Sadeq Khan, they’ve taken control of London. Sadeq Khan has handed over our capital city to his followers.’

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden declined to comment on whether Anderson’s comments were Islamophobic on Sunday (February 26). Instead, he commented, Anderson could have avoided being fired if he apologized.

Baroness Warsi called Oliver Dowden’s comments “disturbing”.

He said, ‘Muslims have only become election campaign fodder. They have now lost the authority to oppose. Muslims in America do not support Islamophobia just as they do not support anti-Semitism. This racism, classism and hypocrisy must stop.’

Notably, the Muslim Council of Britain has also expressed concern about Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has written to Conservative Party Chairman Richard Hold warning of institutionalized Islamophobia. They have called for an investigation into the matter.