The United States announced the imposition of 500 more sanctions on Russia

US President Joe Biden has announced the imposition of more than 500 new sanctions on Russia on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war.

In addition, by announcing the imposition of sanctions on more than a hundred organizations, Biden said that these organizations are helping Russia in the war. He also threatened to make sure that Russia does not make more money by selling energy.

These new sanctions are being imposed because of the attack on Ukraine and the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny

In this regard, Biden also said, “These sanctions imposed for aggression abroad and torture at home will ensure that Putin will pay a heavy price.”

Those involved in the sentencing of Navalny will be subject to the new sanctions. In addition, the economic sector of Russia, defense industry, shopping networks and sanctions violators will also fall under the sanctions, Biden said.

In the statement, Biden called on the Congress to provide more arms support to Ukraine, saying that the Ukrainians are still fighting with great courage in this war that has been going on for two years. But they are running out of weapons. Ukraine needs more weapons to counter Russia’s continued attacks. Russia is still able to continue its attacks because of Iran and North Korea’s weapons. For this reason, the House of Representatives must quickly approve the Ukraine aid bill before it is too late.