Bangladesh Air Force Annual Exercise 2024 Begins

Bangladesh Air Force Annual Exercise-2024 has started simultaneously on 03 March 2024 at all bases and units of the Air Force. Through this exercise,

Bangladesh Air Force monitored its combat capability: important recommendations were made which will play a special role in building a more advanced air defense system in the future. All members of the Air Force including Air Force fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, radar squadrons, surface-to-air missile units and unmanned aerial system units are participating in this exercise. As part of the exercise, Air Force pilots will practice various air combat maneuvers. It should be noted that the air defense capability of Bangladesh will be increased through this war preparation exercise with all the weapons and manpower of the Air Force. Various units of Bangladesh Army, Navy, BGB, Police, Civil Defense and BNCC (Air Wing) are participating in this exercise of Bangladesh Air Force