Shakib-Tamim’s ‘final’ before the final

Before the final, fans of Shakib-Tamim will watch another final. Two rivals Shakib-Tamim face again on the cricket field. In the Barisal-Rangpur clash dubbed as the ‘Bangla Classico’, the equation of life and death lies before the two former friends. Those who win in the second qualifier will make it to the finals of this year’s BPL. 7 years of waiting is in front of Rangpur. And Barisal wants to take revenge of 2 years ago. The match starts at 6.30 pm on Wednesday (February 28) at the Home of Cricket.

Bangla Classico is the most interesting match of this year’s BPL. Added heat in Shakib-Tamim conflict. This ordeal is not just about personal grudges, but the fight for survival. However, Fazal Haque Farooqui will be in the discussion because of Tamim. The Barisal skipper has been out every time against this Afghan pacer on the international stage. Even on the day before the controversial captaincy in Chittagong, Tamim returned to the ball of this left-arm pacer. Farooqui is even the reason for playing him down the order in the World Cup team. Tamim can handle him now? It is normal for Barisal coach to lose his temper on these questions

However, Rangpur does not have the opportunity to worry about these issues. It has been 7 years since their last final. Despite having its own ground, star-studded squad, the expected success is not matching. Opening positions are the biggest concern in survival missions. 7 different pairs have started in this year’s 13 matches. More than fifty runs came only twice. Rangpur Riders are more likely to change the combination once more in the eliminator.

Rangpur Riders coach Sohail Islam said, ‘It is always difficult to say which players will perform well. And if I tell you who our plans are in the opening, then what else do we have!’

Both teams have given more importance to mental preparation than physical before the important match. No big names took part in the optional exercise. Revenge for Barisal. A chance to equalize the final loss by 1 run to Comilla after a season.

Not only the fight on the field but also a big war situation for Shakib-Tamim fans off the field. Before the war, the situation is tense. Who will win the final, ordeal before the final? Time will answer.