Rumors about Mbappe came true!

Rumors about French star Kylian Mbappe have come true. He is not staying in PSG. Mbappe’s contract at PSG runs until next June. Mbappe, who won the 2018 World Cup for France, has announced his decision to leave the club as a free agent at the end of the term. The Athletic reported this information in a report citing a source.
According to various international media reports, it is almost certain that Mbappe will join Real Madrid in the upcoming summer transfer. As always, the buzz later turned the other way. However, the French forward is telling PSG to leave the club, this time maybe Mbappe is really going to join the most successful club in Europe. The two sides have not yet fully agreed on some terms regarding Mbappe’s departure from PSG. An official announcement is expected to come once things are finalised.
Mbappe, 25, signed his last contract with the Paris club in 2022. According to that contract, he is supposed to stay in Paris until 2024. There was a condition in the contract, he can extend the term by one year if he wants. But Mbappe did not introduce that condition. Mbappe is set to leave PSG for Real Madrid. Sources also say that the party change talks have progressed a long way. PSG sources said, ‘The two sides have not yet agreed on all the terms of leaving the club.’
Meanwhile, some sources claim that Edfa has been offered much less than the benefits and money that Real Madrid appeared in 2022. The names of Liverpool and Arsenal have appeared in this list. Mbappe has been linked with English club Liverpool several times. Mbappe’s agent in particular and his mother are fans of the Merseyside club. Due to which the name of Liverpool is also in this list.

It is heard that Mbappe’s representatives are thinking twice about Real’s proposal. Because they are not very satisfied with the financial aspect of Real’s proposal. However, according to French media outlet Lequip, Mbappe has since told his representatives that he is keen to fulfill his dream and join Real.