Bilingual lovers bike from Spain to pay tribute to language martyrs


On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, two foreign Bengali language lovers named Florida and Magnificent have come to Bangladesh from Spain by motorcycle to pay respect to language martyrs. At that time, eager people gathered at the border to see them. On February 21, they will pay tribute to the martyrs at the National Memorial.

On Monday (February 19) in the morning, these two foreign nationals of Spain reached the Benapole check post in Jessore with their passports through the Petrapol check post in India. Earlier, on February 16, an Indian delegation of 10 members from Calcutta, India came to Bangladesh by bicycle to pay tribute to the martyrs.

It is known that the history of sacrificing the life of any nation for language is only Bengali. Because of this history-tradition and glory of Bengali language, today the world has recognized Bengali language as international mother tongue. Apart from Bangladesh, the day is observed every year on February 21 to pay respect to the martyrs of different countries of the world.

Apart from India, citizens of different countries who are Bengali language lovers and social organizations every year ride bicycles and motorcycles and some come on foot to pay respect to language martyrs at National Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka on February 21