Cricketer Parnell told the story behind accepting Islam

Owen Parnell has come to Bangladesh to play the tenth season of BPL. The cricketer was impressed by the love and hospitality of the people of Bangladesh when he came to play BPL. In the meantime, the converted cricketer told the story of his conversion to Islam.

Not under the influence of teammates Hashim Amla or Imran Tahir, Parnell accepted Islam from his own research and affection. Before this, he was attracted by the noble ideals, simplicity and sense of brotherhood of Islam.

Parnell converted from Christianity to Islam in early 2011. Religion is both universal and personal. But Owen Parnell’s conception of Islam may be ideal for many. Where there is no cover for this South African cricketer.

Although the converted name was Walid, he did not want to delete his previous name. Many people are asking why this Port Elizabeth-born cricketer changed his religion within a year and a half of getting a chance in the national team.

Wayne Parnell said, I think the beauty of Islam is simplicity, brotherhood. That attracted me. Islam is more than just a religion. I am lucky to have accepted this religion. Wherever I go in the world, I get respect from many people. Alhamdulillah everyone welcomed me.

Hashim Amla and Imran Tahir of South Africa are also Muslims. Many believe that two teammates influenced Parnell’s conversion. Is it really so?

In this context, Parnell said, “When I got a chance in the national team, Hashim Bhai was an established cricketer.” Imran’s brother was also there. But they knew nothing. A few days after accepting Islam, I informed them. In different countries including Bangladesh, they often have to face such questions. Actually the situation is different.

Parnell led the Proteas and became the highest wicket-taker in the 2008 Youth World Cup. Debut in the national team next year. A long career has not blossomed as expected due to repeated injuries and lack of consistency.

Owen Parnell is impressed by the love and hospitality of the people of Bangladesh. He tried to give advice to the youth when he got the opportunity. He said that he hopes to play BPL again in the future