BNP’s political issues are as much the fault of Nand Ghosh’s government: Obaidul Quader

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said that the main political issue of BNP in Bangladesh is the fault of Nand Ghosh government. He said that the government is guilty of all crimes. They went to the United States to complain. BNP leader Moin Khan went to the US embassy and complained that there is no human rights and no democracy in the country. This is the situation of our main opposition party.
He said these things at a press conference at Awami League president Sheikh Hasina’s political office in Dhanmondi of the capital on Tuesday (February 20).

Obaidul Quader said, I would like to know from the BNP leaders, where are the members of the alliance of 54 parties against the government? Where is that unity? Where is the coalition in the mess? Can be found now by blaming the government?

Regarding the current political program of BNP, he said that the government will not hinder the peaceful program of BNP. However, there will be obstacles if elements of violence are added to the movement. If violent activities like obstruction, terrorism, arson are added to the movement, then there will be obstruction. Why should we stop them from peaceful programs?

Awami League lost the election, BNP won – Awami League general secretary said about the statement of BNP leaders, everyone knows who won the election. BNP won without participating in the election? What is it but the delirium of the madman?

Obaidul Quader said in response to journalists’ questions about the incident of BCL clash in Chittagong University, arrangements are being made, we are thinking anew. The team has decided to be as strict as necessary to prevent the recurrence of these incidents.
Central leaders including Awami League organizing secretary BM Mozammel Haque, SM Kamal Hossain, Mirza Azam, Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan were also present.