Today Baden Powell Day

Today, February 22, is Baden Powell (BP) Day. Today this day is known as ‘Founder’s Day’ to all Scouts of the world. Scouting is a voluntary, non-political and educational movement for children, adolescents and young people, guided by the aims, principles and methods laid down by Robert Stephenson Smith, Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell, the founder of the Scout movement. Scouting is for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, caste.

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement, is better known as ‘BP’. He was born on 22 February 1857 in Paddington, London and died on 8 January 1941. His brothers studied at Oxford University. Attempts were made to send him also to Oxford; But in 1876 he secured 2nd position out of 100 in the British Army Entrance Examination and joined the 13th Hussars directly as a Commissioned ‘Sub Lieutenant’. He got posting in India on October 30 of that year. Baden-Powell was promoted to captain in 1883 at the age of 26, to colonel in 1897 and to the rank of the youngest Major General in the British Army in 1900 at the age of 43, in recognition of his keen intellect and ability. During his military career, he led the war against the Boer tribe in South Africa several times and was successful. On his return from Africa in 1903, his book ‘Aids to Scouting’, written as a military training manual, created a great response and great interest among teachers and youth. He decided to rewrite the book to suit the general youth class. He ended his career in 1907.
However, until 1910 he remained in charge of the Territorial Division, headquartered at Richmond Crossell. From this time on, on the advice of King Edward VII, he paid special attention to the initiation of scouts. This ended his early life. He focused on the initiation of a second life through scouting. In 1907, he did an experimental scout camp with 21 boys on Brownsea Island in Pole Harbour, England. He published a book called ‘Scouting for Boys’ in six installments in 1908. The book was published in 35 languages. Boys started scouting after reading this book. In 1909, a gathering of scouts was held at the Crystal Palace in London. Only one girl group participated in the camp out of 11 thousand. Due to girls’ requests and realizing their need for Scouting, Baden-Powell’s interest led to the introduction of Girl Guides for Girls in 1910 under the responsibility of her sister Agnes. As a result, Scouting and Girl Guide movements spread throughout the world. “Bangladesh Scout Association” was formed on April 9, 1972 during the post-independence period in Bangladesh. On September 11, 1972, the association received official recognition as Ordinance No. 111. On June 1, 1974 “Bangladesh Scout Association” became the 105th member of the World Scout Organization. On June 18, 1978, the name of the Bangladesh Scout Association was changed to ‘Bangladesh Scouts’ in the fifth national council meeting