The new information given by RAB in the case of rape in Jabi

Jahangirnagar University (JABI) rape incident happened to give free opportunity to drug trade, not money transaction. And this kind of incident often happens inside the university.
Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s law and media wing, gave details about this in a press conference organized at RAB’s media center in Karwan Bazar in the capital on Thursday (February 8).

He said that the university authorities cannot avoid the responsibility of rape incidents at Jahangirnagar University (JAB). The mastermind of this incident, Mamun, a foreigner, used to stay in the university hall for drug dealing.
Khandaker Al Moin said that on Saturday, February 3, at 10:30 p.m., in the CCTV footage of Jabir Mir Mosharf Hossain Hall, some students were seen talking to the victim woman. The victim appears to be somewhat worried.

Just 15 minutes later, another CCTV video from outside the hall shows the accused having an argument with the victim’s husband.
After the incident of rape at Jahangirnagar University across the country, law and order forces increased their activity. On Wednesday night, RAB arrested Mamunur Rashid Mamun, the mastermind of the rape incident, and Murad, the accomplice, from Farmgate and Naogaon in the capital.

In the press conference, RAB said that Mamun, the main owner, had been living with the victim in the same flat near the university for a long time. Through this, Mamun’s friendship with Zahid, the victim’s husband, developed the skill of selling drugs.

In the briefing, RAB also said that the number one accused in the rape case and former Chhatra League leader Mustafiz was involved in various immoral activities including drug dealing inside the university.

Not only this incident, RAB said that even though incidents of rape and torture often occur in secluded areas inside the campus, many people do not complain due to fear of shame.

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