Shabiprabi was drunk in three festivals including Falgun

Jharapata and Agunranga Palash said, Vasant Duar. People and nature are ready to welcome Rituraj. Spring has touched everyone’s mind. Shahjalal Science and Technology Choice (Shabibi) students of Sylhet are enjoying the same joy as spring, world love, and school birthdays. Puck A Court in the 34th Spring on 33 Spring Pae.

Apart from this, on the same day, the students of the traditional religion of the institution also worship the goddess of learning, Saraswati. The Shahjalal Science and Technology, University family celebrated three festivals on the first day of Falgun.

On Wednesday (February 14), many programs were organized, including welcoming Phalgun, a university day celebration, and worshiping the goddess of learning Saraswati.

Shabi Prabi can be seen, starting from the university’s main square. In front of each academic building, various stalls of Basant Baran and Saraswati Puja Mandap are decorated in colorful colors. Meanwhile, on the occasion of university day, there were various events from the morning. The University Day was started by singing the National Anthem at 10 a.m. Later, the event was announced with a wreath laid on the portrait of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a procession, and the cutting of cake.

Teachers, students, and officials are celebrating the spring festival at the university on the occasion of spring. Various social and cultural organizations at the university have organized various events to welcome spring. The university’s voluntary organization, ‘Swapnotthan’, has organized ‘Swapnotthan Basant Utsav 1430’ at the university’s Arjuntala.

There they organized pitha festival. All the money earned from this will be spent on the treatment of the mother of a student of the statistics department of the university who suffered from a brain stroke. Also Theater Sust, Keen organizes the spring festival on its own initiative. On the other hand, there is a joyous atmosphere among the students and teachers to welcome the goddess of learning, Saraswati. According to the Central Puja Celebration Committee of the University, there are 28 Puja Mandapas in the University. The students performed page at the pavilion.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Kabir Hossain said that we have been conducting various educational support programs so that students stay away from drugs. I have asked the Proctoral Body of the University to be always aware of any untoward situation regarding overall security. With so many festivals on the same day, Zahid Hasan, a student of the Industrial and Production Engineering department, said that the entire campus is festive on Basantbaran and Saraswati Puja at the same time. Dress up all around. Everyone has made the campus colorful by wearing Sarees and Punjabis. Various stalls have been set up in the university premises to make this festival more beautiful.

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