Emperor Aurangzeb ruled India for 49 years

The area of ​​his empire was 40 lakh square kilometers. In other words, almost the entire area of ​​India was included in his kingdom. The number of citizens was 15 crore 80 lakhs.

Aurangzeb collected an annual revenue of 450 million US dollars. Louis XIV was the emperor of France at that time. Aurangzeb’s kingdom collected ten times more revenue than that of Louis. Under him, India’s economy was the largest economy in the world. In 1700, he raised India’s economy to 90 billion US dollars. India’s GDP was one-fourth of the world’s GDP.

In 1707 Aurangzeb, the head of state of the richest country in the world, made a will of his property at the age of 88. After his death, it was found in his will that he had 14 rupees and some hand-knitted hats. He asked them to sell them and spend on his funeral and burial. And all his life he collected 300 rupees by copying the Quran Sharif – he asked to donate this money to the poor.

After searching the court and the treasury, it was found that the emperor has no assets outside of the will.
In history, he is known to Muslims as Jindapir.