Love is a little less in Kolkata films: Jaya

Jaya Ahsan, the popular actress of Bengal, has been spending a lot of time since the beginning of the year. His film ‘Fereshte’ was recently screened at the Tehran International Film Festival. He went there.Meanwhile, two of his films have been released this week. ‘Bhutpari’ in West Bengal and ‘guava fragrance’ in Bangladesh.In an interview given to the Indian media Anandabazar recently, Jaya said about the two Bengali movies, “I get many interesting characters in Bangladesh.” There are also bad pictures. But in my country’s films, love is very much. It seems a little less in Tollywood. But still a lotGood work is happening here. I also want to work with newcomers in Tollywood. I want seniors to think of me as a more dynamic character. Not really a good character, I want to be a part of a good film.

Regarding the selection of the screenplay, he said, “But I don’t agree to any role thinking about the audience.” First of all, I agreed to the screenplay considering my responsibility as an artist. Secondly, as an artist, I see how much that character moves or makes me think, and then I agree.


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