Ariyan Mehedi’s ‘KI VUL CHILO’ on Valentine’s Day

Ariyan Mehedi has tuned and arranged the music of the song. He also played the roles of vocalist and composer.

Ariyan Mehedi said, “After the success of the ‘‘Tomari Pichu Pichu’, ‘Mone Pore Tomay Bare Bar’, ‘Bondhu Mane Adda’,’ songs, There is a different tension in the lyrics of this song and I also tried to show my best in the song. I believe that the audience will accept this song as well.”

The song has been released on Ariyan Mehedi’s YouTube channel on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Ariyan Mehedi Image 2024

He has won the hearts of millions of youth with songs like ‘Tomari Pichu Pichu’, ‘Mone Pore Tomay Bare Bar’, ‘Onuvobe’, ‘Bondhu Mane Adda’, ‘Mitthe Abege’, ‘Jani Na’ and ‘NO PREM’.

Ariyan Mehedi has gained popularity in Bangladesh, and India, especially Bollywood and Urban Punjabi music genre. Mehedi’s songs beautifully express the emotions of romance, love, and longing, all accompanied by his soulful voice.