Will AT&T customers get a credit for Thursday’s network outage? It might be worth a call

Should you be among the AT&T subscribers whose mobile service was disrupted for multiple hours on Thursday, it could be worthwhile to give them a call to check if you qualify for a reimbursement.

Following the statewide telecom outage on Thursday, AT&T consumers are unsure if they would receive any kind of credit on their bill.

The numerous-hour-long outage was attributed by the telecom behemoth to a technical glitch that occurred during “the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network, not a cyber attack.”

Customers of AT&T conversed on social media during Thursday’s outage, asking if they would receive a credit to their accounts for the inconvenience.

On Reddit, someone wrote, “I know the answer is going to be “LOL…Yeah, good luck with that,” but ATT needs to take the impact of this outage on customers seriously and at the very least offer a credit on the February statement.” “Even if it is a 1/29 (3%) discount for the one day we were down, assuming they can get it back up today, we are paying for a service we are not getting.”

AT&T has not said in the open that it will provide consumers a refund or credit. A representative declined to comment on the matter when USA TODAY inquired about it on Thursday and Friday.

Next month, AT&T need to offer us a credit,” a user wrote on X, the social network that was once known as