The World Trade Organization conference starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 26, the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization will begin in Abu Dhabi. The main focus of the conference will be diversification in investment. At the same time the supply chain should be smooth. There should be no barriers or obstacles to global trade. In this regard, the Director General of the World Trade Organization, Nicoji Okanjo Yola, has already given an interview to a news agency in the Emirates. He said in the interview, we say we have no problem. But still the problem remains.
He said that China and Morocco, China and Brazil, China and Senegal,

Bangladesh and China have improved a lot in terms of investment. Talking about Asian business, he said, many private investors are following the Chinese model to invest. He cited the examples of Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

He feels that investors should go for diversification in terms of investment. Apart from this, more investments should be made in developing countries. As a result, the opportunity to expand the employment market will increase. It is known that around 7 thousand delegates from different countries will participate in the World Trade

Organization conference. The conference will mainly discuss various issues of recent times. Tariff free benefits especially in climate change, sustainable development and trade liberalization.
Apart from this, subsidies in the fisheries sector, agreements with various countries to support digital trade.