Rabindra University has welcomed Rituraj Basant

Vasant Baran festival was celebrated in Sirajganj Shahjadpur in Rabindra University, founded in the name of universal poet Rabindranath Tagore.
On the morning of the first day of Phalgun on Wednesday (February 14), the students of Rabindra University reached Academic Bhawan-3 with a procession from Academic Bhawan-1 in a joyful atmosphere. Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Shah Azam.

Treasurer Professor Dr. was also present at this time. Firoz Ahmed, President of Rabindra University Teachers Association. Chairman, teachers, students, officials and employees of various departments of the university including

Md. Fakhrul Islam.
After the procession, a discussion meeting and cultural program was held at Academic Building-3 of Rabindra University. Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. discussed as the chief guest. Md. Shah Azam and the treasurer of the university discussed as a special guest Dr. Feroze Ahmad. In the speech of the chief guest, Vice-Chancellor Shah Azam said that Vasant has stimulated and encouraged poet Rabindranath Tagore in multidimensional creations.
He has written numerous songs and poems about spring. His immortal creation – ‘Aha Aji this spring, so many flowers bloom, so many flutes, so many birds sing’. Remembering ‘Falguni’, ‘Basant’ plays. Rituraj Basant was seen by Rabindranath as the messenger of new life. As the initiator of the call of the new in life.

Rabindra University therefore invokes spring following Kabiguru’s spring celebration. Every year we welcome the verdant wilderness of Bengal blooming with flowers by invoking the seasonal spring

Ravi Upacharya also said that after the desolation of winter, the nature is decorated in a new form with the arrival of spring. Spring is the season of endless possibilities; Basant is a unique name for the monumental period of love, separation, union, betrayal-struggle, victory.

Dr. Shah Azam said, Salam, Rafiq, Jabbar, Barkat, Safiq and many others who did not know their names poured their fresh blood on the streets for the mother tongue of Bengal on February 8, 1952. That self-sacrifice is universally recognized today. Let Falgun come back again and again, let spring come, not in mourning, but with indomitable courage and immeasurable strength.
Treasurer Feroze Ahmed said, the taste of spring spread from the village to the city in the natural form-juice, Kuhutan of the cuckoo, the aroma of the mango bud and the mouth of the Pithapuli. Bengali will float in the colorful wave of spring, exuberance and madness. In the nature of Bengal today, the touch of fagun, the enchanting melody of fire-colored spring. After the frost-covered winter, spring has brought back the pulse of life with a touch of warmth in the rough dead nature.

Rabindra University Teachers Association President Dr. Md. Fakhrul Islam said, Spring not only spreads colors of excitement in Ashok-Palash-Shimul, but also spreads colors on the blood of martyrs in our historical national language movement. In this spring, there is a unique example of Bengali love for betrayal, country and mother tongue.
Because our language-freedom struggle started this spring. So Bengali hearts can’t stay at home this spring. As could not be – in fifty-two and seventy-one. This spring has given courage to Bengalis to wake up in any crisis. Let Basant be the motivation to move forward as a developed and prosperous country in the world court by holding the spirit of the liberation war in the construction of a non-communal Bangladesh.
A colorful cultural program was held at the end of the discussion meeting. The premises of the third academic building of Rabindra University became excited with the charming performance of the teachers and students of Rabindra University. Assistant Professor of Sociology Department of Rabindra University conducted the program. Mohammad Tanveer Ahmed.

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