Medical chance for three twin brothers who lost their father due to a lack of treatment


Three twins of Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila are now students at three medical colleges in the country. One of them, Mafiul Islam, got an opportunity to get admission in the medical entrance exam last year at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College. The remaining two twins, Safiul Hasan and Rafiul Islam, got admission to Dinajpur’s Abdur Rahim Medical College and Noakhali’s Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College in this year’s admission examination.

They passed secondary from Nabir Uddin Pilot High School in Dhunat and higher secondary from Govt Shah Sultan College, Bogra. About the success of the three boys, their mother, Arjina Begum, said that after initially signing the merits, the three boys were admitted to the government pilot high school in Dhunat. From there, the three brothers together passed secondary school with a GPA of 5, and his dream about boys started to grow. In 2009, their father

Golam Mustafa, died of a heart attack. They did not get any of the father’s love and compassion. He made them study by selling the land himself. They had about 5 hectares of land. He sold the land and paid for their education. He will sell the rest if necessary, but he will make them doctors. Feeling emotional,

he said, “When the people of the village come to see them, my chest fills with pride.”
Mafiul Hasan, who was admitted to Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College in the last academic year, said that even though he himself got a chance for the first time, the pain remained in his heart as the wishes of the other two brothers were not fulfilled. Mafiul said that the joy of getting his medical chance was fulfilled as the rest got the chance to get admission.

Safiul, who got a chance at Dinajpur Medical College, said that he went to a doctor with a severe physical illness while studying in the ninth standard. Through the words and behavior of the doctor, he felt that the illness was reduced by half. Safiul dreams of becoming a doctor from the thought that a person’s words or behavior can so easily heal people.

On the other hand, Rafiul Islam, who got a chance at Noakhali Medical College, said that it was the first time that one of our brothers got a chance. At that time, it seemed that our hard-earned money was useful, at least a little. I tried to fulfill the joint dream of my mother and three brothers again.

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