Joy Bangla concert is going to be held for the first time in Chittagong

Jaya Bangla Concert will be held in Chittagong for the first time. Since 2015, Joy His Bangla His concert is held every year on March 7 and is popular among the youth to commemorate the historic speech of Bangabandhu’s founding father Sheikh His Mujibul His Rahman on March 7 there is. However, this event will be held outside Dhaka for the first time.

Awami League’s Center for Research and Information (CRI) is organizing a ‘Young Bangla’ platform at MA Aziz Stadium in Chittagong on Thursday (March 7).

This year’s concert will feature nine popular bands of the time: Artcel, Lalon, Cryptic Fate, Nemesis, Chilkat, Megdal, Avoid Rafa, Carnival, and Tyrandage.

Organizers said they will take to the stage to introduce the story of March 7, 1971 to the post-Liberation War generation and instill patriotism through songs. Let’s play some songs that make us think a little bit about our mothers, our soil, and our country. At the same time, the performance of modern popular songs will meet all expectations.

Visitors who register online on the Young Bangla website or Facebook page can attend this event. Stadium gates will open for spectators on Thursday at 12pm.

The main event begins at 2pm. Chittagong District Administration and Chittagong City Police are working together to ensure smooth completion of the entire event.

Chittagong District Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman said: I hope this music event goes off without a hitch and meets the expectations of the audience. ”

The Jai Bangla Concert has been held every year since 2015, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the concert was not held on stage for two years. Additionally, the concert was held one day later, on March 8, to coincide with the Holy Sabbath, March 7, 2023. This is the first time that the 8th Joy Bangla Concert will be held outside Dhaka.