Dr. asked for prayers after the bail. Yunus

Nobel laureate got bail from Dhaka labor appeal tribunal in case of violation of labor law. Four people including Muhammad Yunus.

Chairman (Acting) MA Awal (Senior District and Sessions Judge) of Dhaka Labor Appellate Tribunal gave the order on Sunday (March 3). But for how long the bail has been granted has not been mentioned yet. The judge said that it will be informed later.

After bail. Yunus said, ‘We all want the country to be well. Everyone wants to be engaged in the work of the country. We have to spend time on various legal matters, it is our loss, everyone’s loss. But let the process of law continue, in the meantime we can work in peace, this is what we want.’

Dr. Yunus said, ‘I hope, I will get justice. To get justice from the judicial system of the country, this is the desire of a citizen of the country.

He also said, ‘Pray for me. If the country is at peace, we are also at peace.’

In this case, on January 1, Dr. The third labor court of Dhaka sentenced four people including Yunus to six months imprisonment. At the same time each was fined 30 thousand rupees. The other three sentenced are Grameen Telecom’s former managing director (MD) Ashraful Hasan, director Noor Jahan Begum and Md. Shah Jahan

After the announcement of the verdict, Dr. on the condition of appeal to the high court. The third labor court of Dhaka granted one month interim bail to four people including Yunus.