Death of a worshiper while worshiping in a mosque in Nilphamari.

A worshiper named Bhola Koraishi (53) died while prostrating in the mosque at Saidpur in Nilphamari. On Wednesday (February 14), he passed away while performing Fajr prayers at Bansbari Jame Rizvia Mosque, adjacent to Al Farooq Academy in the city.

Bhola Koraishi is the son of deceased Khayrati Koraishi of Bansbari Old Kilkhana area. He was a meat merchant (butcher) by profession.
According to family sources, Bhola went to offer Fajr prayers at Banshbari Jam Rizvia Mosque like every day. When the obligatory prayer began, the prayers of the other Muslims did not respond, and after the prayer, the Muslims realized that he had died. Later, the family members went and brought his dead body home.

Ni’hat’s younger brother Nadeem Koraishi (Chhatu), president of the Syedpur Meat Traders Association, said that his elder brother Bhola Koraishi lived a very simple life. He prayed regularly. He used to fast three days a week throughout the year.

Recently, he was learning to recite the Qur’an Sharif in the Saheeh manner from the Muezzin Sahib every day after the Namaz. However, the news of such a death has created a stir across the city, and a shadow of mourning has fallen in the area.

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