2 children die in circumcision: what DB chief Harun said

The death of two children while undergoing circumcision in the capital is a very sad incident. No one will be exempted in this incident. All those involved in this incident will be brought under the law, said Detective Chief Haroon Or Rashid. He said these things in response to a question from journalists at his office on Minto Road in the capital on Sunday (February 25).

He said, we have come to know about the death of Ayan’s father while undergoing circumcision at the United Medical College Hospital and the death of two children in DB. Cases have been filed in police stations. DB Police is investigating the shadow. It is in no way acceptable that a child will be lost from the arms of the parents.’

He also said, ‘It is a very sad incident. Earlier circumcision was performed in the area without any scientific method. But now some illegal sham clinics are allegedly rendering small children unconscious with anesthesia in the name of circumcision. But later, consciousness does not return. Even these clinics are not authorized to give anesthesia.’

Regarding the threat to Ayan’s father, he said, ‘If Ayan’s father applies for investigation of the case in DB, we will investigate. The organization is very big. He cannot fight with common people, institutions. But we are on his side. The hospital was not licensed to administer anesthesia. Still they gave anesthesia. They cannot escape responsibility for the death of baby Ayaan.’

Earlier on this day at noon at the DB office at Minto Road in the capital, Shamim Ahmed, the father of child Ayaan, filed a written complaint after meeting DMP Additional Commissioner (Detective) Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid. Meanwhile, Shamim Ahmed told reporters, ‘I am being threatened with death for filing a case against United Hospital. In this incident I have made a general diary in Shahbag police station. No one can catch those involved in the incident. However, two people have been arrested immediately after the child’s death occurred in Rampura’s JS Hospital. However, even after two months of this incident, no arrests are being made.

He said, ‘Circumcision is said to take 20 to 25 minutes. But it was not over in two hours. Basically the interns were given classes in the name of getting my son circumcised. My son died from excessive anesthesia and bleeding while doing this class. My son Ian had to sacrifice a one-hour class. I have filed a written complaint in DB against 8 people of the hospital including two doctors involved in this incident. I have demanded their arrest.’