Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day: A fusion of love

A leafy day calls for love. The lines of the poem written by the poet Nirmalendu Guna come out of the mind unconsciously: ‘Perhaps the flowers have not bloomed as much as in Rabindra’s music,/Perhaps the birds have not bloomed in the heart of the forest’s yellow tones. Basantapathik is sitting in love under him.’

Or like the poet Jibanananda Das, the loving heart will say: ‘Heart, you love that woman, so / That fireball in the sky came at dawn / Promised that tomorrow the heart will be the sun / Loves that woman more than you.’
Today is spring, today is the day of love. Cuckoos wake up in the vast wilderness of Bengal, today on the day of Pahela Fagun, there will be a song of love. Heart to heart words will find language today. A lover to his lover or a lover to her lover will express I love you by saying ‘

Happy Valentine’s Day’.
Together with spring and love, the entire country, including the capital, will enjoy the falguni mood today. Fagun’s fiery enthusiasm, hand in hand with her beloved, Priya’s tender heart will be disturbed in the dream of marriage. The south wind of Rituraj will raise waves of love in their heart-land. Sushma’s artistry will be revealed in basanti color saree with yellow marigolds on her head and floral tiara on her head.

Young people will not be less than them. Youngsters will also be caught in yellow panjabism and Ekash Falguni dress. Dhaka University Faculty of Fine Arts, TSC, Suhrawardy Park will be filled with youth frenzy everywhere. Flower shops and sari-Punjabi shops in the market have been very crowded for the past few days to welcome such a day of spring and love.

On such a day of spring-mixed love, the two will be soaked in each other’s wishes. Apart from exchanging flowers, cards, chocolates, the inbox of the cell phone will be filled with poetry and rhymed short messages. The warmth of Paran’s space will also spread through social media. Many places, including recreation centers and parks, will have Valentine’s Day and a touch of spring.
Fagun’s fiery love day: People want to cross the Kalahari for love. One hundred and eight blue lotuses wanted to tie a red cloth to the eyes of the fierce bull. Emperor Shah Jahan built ‘Taj Mahal’ for his beloved wife Mumtaz. The love poems of Radha-Krishna, Laili-Majnu, Yusuf-Zulekha are still on people’s lips. Eager to pour all the joy of the heart at the feet of the loved one, the poet sings the song of the poet, ‘Charan dhari diyo go amare, niyo na, niyo na saraye / Life and death happiness and sorrows are held in the bosom.’

But dear Birhe also has the fear of loss in his eager heart – ‘It seems to me again and again / This is understood when you come to my door / Don’t break that sweet dream.’ Of course, the answer lies in the self-confident mind. In the words of the poet Nirmalendu Guna, ‘You can’t sleep in Hem / Sleep in love / How will you go? / If you step up, the shadow of your feet / You will find me.’
On the fire-colored day of Fagun, painted in the color of love, the lover’s heart will sing, love, love, from the city life to the rural village. Gatkhali’s rose garden will be empty on today’s love festival. Not only Rupasi Bengali poet Jeebananda Das’s face-to-face sitter Banlata Sen; In this virtual age, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger – all will be united in the loving wishes of the world Valentine’s Day. The world will also float in digital emotions.

From Saint Valentine to Valentine’s Day: The history of world Valentine’s Day celebration is quite old. There are many stories about this. But the most popular story is that of a Roman Catholic priest named Saint Valentine in 269 AD. The priest named Saint Valentine was a doctor.

The Roman Emperor at the time was Claudius II. The Roman conquerors continued to conquer one state after another. The state needs to raise a huge army for war. But people especially the youth are not enthusiastic about it. The emperor thought men would agree to go to war if they could not marry. He banned marriage for young people. But love youth can be bound by rules! Saint Valentine came forward.
Valentine arranged the marriage of young people in love. But one day Valentine was caught. He was taken to jail. When this news spread across the country, there was a reaction among the youth. Many visited Valentine in prison. Phulel came to greet. A blind daughter of the jailer also visited Valentine. Doctor Valentine removed the girl’s blindness. A bond of heart was created between them.
Despite being a priest, he breaks the rules and loves. He also broke the law and got married. The news reached the emperor. He sentenced Valentine to death. The day was February 14, 269 AD. In 496 AD, King Pope Gelusius of Rome declared this day as Valentine’s Day.

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