Jamal is now Abahani on Argentine clearance

Bangladesh national football team captain Jamal Bhuiyan has received the clearance of Argentinian club Sol da Mayo. As a result, there is no legal obstacle to register for Dhaka Abahani in the second leg of the Bangladesh Premier League.

Former national footballer and manager of Dhaka Abahani Kazi Nazrul Islam said, ‘Yesterday we received Jamal’s ITC (International Clearance Certificate). Now I will complete his registration process. Abahani asked for permission for Jamal Bhuiyan on March 3. ITCs are usually settled within seven working days. In this case, due to a correction in the online platform within seven days, the time has been extended by another seven days. The Argentine Football Association gave the clearance after 11 days.

Jamal signed a one-and-a-half season deal with Argentine third division club Sol da Mayo. According to that agreement, the Bangladesh captain is supposed to play in Argentina until October this year. Jamal came to Bangladesh after terminating that contract and complained about the club’s debt. So there was some doubt about getting clearance.

Bangladesh Premier Football League mid-term change is going on. In addition to Jamal, Abahani will also register a foreign footballer. In this context, the manager of the club said, ‘Australian defensive footballer Aaron Ivan is with us. He played for North East in the last Indian League.

Geographically Australia is the continent of Oceania. In football, however, Australia plays as an Asian country. Although 6 foreigners are registered in Bangladesh Premier League, four can play in the field Since Abahani already has 6 people registered, except one, the Australian needs to be registered.