Babor beats Gayle-Kohli

Chris Gayle’s unannounced retirement from recognized cricket. The star batsman from the Caribbean was the best of the best in his time. His marquee batting left the cricket lovers enthralled. Virat Kohli entered the battle for the place before the end of the chapter of the Caribbean batting monster.

While Gayle is a peddler of T20 across the world, the Indian great continues to play in this edition in domestic and domestic leagues. He is taking it to new heights day by day. Both Gayle and Kohli have scored more than 10,000 runs in T20. Gayle scored 14,562 runs in 468 matches, while Kohli scored 11,994 runs in 376 matches. Pakistan batsman Babar Azam left both of them behind. No, Babur did not leave them behind in terms of runs. Having played less innings than Kohli and Gayle, he has entered the 10,000-run club. He is the 12th member in this club. Babar played 271 innings to score 10,000 runs. To do which Gayle needs 285 innings and Kohli needs 299 innings.

The Pakistani star entered the field against the Karachi Kings six runs short of 10,000 on the day he overtook Gayle-Kohlid. Then Peshawar gave an innings of 72 runs off 51 balls with seven fours and one six.