Argentina’s coach opened his mouth about his departure

In November last year, Argentina played against arch-rivals Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers. Where the current world champions beat Seleção 1-0. After that, there were rumors that World Cup-winning coach Lionel Scaloni is stepping down from Argentina’s dugout.

Scaloni’s silence on his resignation has sparked quite a debate. He had kept his mouth shut on the matter for so long. Finally, in an interview given to the Italian media, the Argentine coach said, “It was not about leaving.”

The Copa America will be played in the United States from June 20 this year. And a few days ago, an Argentine media reported that Scaloni will be the coach of Argentina until this season.

This time in a conversation with the Italian media, Scaloni himself said about his departure, “There are many discussions.” But I always told the truth. Had a few moments to think. It wasn’t about saying goodbye or anything else.’

Scaloni took charge in 2018 and won the Copa America in 2021 and the World Cup in 2022. This coach now realizes that if we want to move forward, we have to rely on the youth. I was thinking how the national team will move forward. And it’s time to give the youth a chance. It is important for us.’

But on November 22, Scaloni’s voice had a different tone. He clearly indicated that he has nothing more to give, ‘I have thought a lot, what I want to do. It’s not goodbye or anything. The standard has risen too high and it is very difficult to keep up. This national team needs a coach who has all kinds of strengths.