The special audit is revealing startling information

In addition to the audit in the listed companies, the right distribution of withheld dividend is also under scrutiny. Chairman of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) Professor Shibli Rubaiyat ul Islam said that surprising information is being obtained through special audit.

He said these things at the inauguration of the new committee and outgoing committee of the Capital Market Journalists Forum (CMJF) at the Multipurpose Hall of the Securities Commission Building in Agargaon, capital, on Thursday (February 15).

CMJF president Golam Samdani Bhuiyan presided over the ceremony and general secretary Abu Ali, commissioner of BSEC Dr. Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Abdul Halim, Dr. Rumana Islam, executive director Saifur Rahman, Rezaul Karim, outgoing president of CMJF Ziaur Rahman and others were present.

The BSEC chairman also said that the new leadership of CMJF pledged to work with BSEC to increase contribution to the economy through sustainable development of the capital market. He said that despite the lack of manpower, audit activities are being carried out regularly in various companies.
He also said that it is being investigated whether the listed companies have properly distributed their declared dividends in the last three decades. He also informed about action against any irregularity.

He said to the journalists, we try to cooperate with you from all sides. We will try to extend any cooperation on how to improve the work of CMJF. If you are inquisitive, we will benefit.
BSEC chairman said about the obstruction of journalist access to BSEC, he will see if anyone can enter the securities exchange of other countries. We have seen you (journalists) as our eyes, ears and nose since the commission came. We are your friends. We are watching all these so that you can do well. We are also doing these to gather your experience by visiting the country and abroad.

BSEC Commissioner Dr. in the speech of the special guest. Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed said, BSEC informs through a press release if there is any concern. Then on the Facebook page we inform everything immediately. We have put a lot of emphasis on digitalisation.

He said, besides, we are doing many other types of work. Try to publish the information in such a way that the market can be kept stable. Let the market keep positive. Don’t do anything that affects the market. You journalists have been delivering positive news.
BSEC Executive Director Saifur Rahman said that our relationship with CMJF is very deep and friendly. BSEC has played a role in making the CMJF what it is today. We have always worked for the platform of CMJF.
He said, we want constructive journalism. We will not do any news that will harm the stock market. 78 companies moving to Z category is a rumour. It should be known whether it is really going or not. You should take care that your writings are considered. As soon as I get a news, I have to pay attention to what effect it will have on the market. Criticism must be there but it must be constructive and practical. Your writing skills are very good. Care must be taken that it does not cause suffering to people.

CMJF outgoing committee president Ziaur Rahman said, it is a very happy day. The election was done through a very democratic process. CMJF conducts internal audit. Through this we maintain good governance. CMJF’s task is to ensure that journalists can be better trained. CMJF is providing various training to journalists. We want BSEC on board on how to increase the free flow of information. I would also request that our members have better access to BSEC.
President of CMJF Golam Samdani Bhuiyan said, correct information is needed for correct news. Journalists said we cannot enter BSEC. We seek cooperation so that journalists can enter BSEC without any problem. He said, we want cooperation in this matter so that no one is prevented from getting information by entering the commission. If someone does not want to give information, it is his personal matter. However, the access of journalists to BSEC should be made free.

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