The Jabi Chhatra League did not take action against those who helped the rapist escape.

Jahangirnagar University branch Chhatra League did not take any action against those who helped the main accused, Mustafizur Rahman, to escape in the Jahangirnagar University (JAB) rape case.

On Saturday (February 3) around 9:30 pm, an outsider called a couple and the husband was locked in the residential hall and his wife was raped. The incident took place in the forest adjacent to the university’s Mir Musharraf Hossain Hall.

The main accused in this incident are the 45th batch students of the international relations department of the university. Mostafizur Rahman and outsider Mamun (45). Among them, Mostafiz is a resident student of Mir Musharraf Hossain Hall and the international affairs secretary of the university branch Chhatra League.

On the day and night of the incident, Shah Paran of the 44th batch of the International Relations department, Hasanuzzaman of the 45th batch and Sagar Siddiqui of the 46th batch of the same department and Sabbir Hossain of 47th batch of the plant science department helped Mostafiz escape from the hall and the victim’s husband was locked in the room by 46th batch student of International Relations department. . Murad Hossain. All of them are involved in BCL politics at the university and are followers of BCL branch president Aktaruzzaman Sohel.

Among them, Shah Paran is the vice president of Chhatra League, Murad is co-secretary, Sabbir Hossain is a member and Hasanuzzaman and Sagar Siddiqui are workers of Chhatra League. It should be noted that Sagar Siddiqui Mir Musharraf Hossain was the candidate for the post of president of the Chhatra League.

On the day and night of the incident, Mustafiz was suspended from all activities of the BCL branch and recommended to the Bangladesh BCL Central Executive Council for permanent expulsion. But no systematic action was taken against the 5 accused who helped Mustafiz escape and detained the victim’s husband.

To find out about this, Aktaruzzaman Sohel, president of the branch Chhatra League, tried to contact him several times on the phone, but he was not available.


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