Police are working with BGB on the border to ensure security: IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun said that Bangladesh Police is working jointly with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and local administration to maintain law and order at the Ghumdhum border of Bandarban.

He said these things while visiting the Central Police Hospital of Rajarbagh in the capital on Tuesday.

IGP Al-Mamun said clashes between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army have fueled the simmering border tension, causing concern among local residents. Talking about the security measures in that area, he also mentioned the treatment and ongoing government assistance for the injured who crossed the border into Bangladesh.

Abdullah Al-Mamun said about the security system: We have strengthened the security system around the Rohingya camp. Along with the district police, the Armed Police Battalion (APBN) is on high alert. The BGB is actively patrolling the border. Our forces are being fully supported by the local administration, BGB, and intelligence agencies in carrying out their duties.

In response to a question about the deaths of two people, including a Bangladeshi woman, at the Ghumdhum border, he confirmed that a case had been registered at the local police station.

Appreciating the sacrifice of Bangladesh policemen, the IGP emphasized their commitment to ensuring the security of the country and its people even in the face of danger.

The briefing was attended by senior officials, including DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman, who reiterated the collective resolve of the Bangladesh Police to maintain peace and security in challenging circumstances.

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